Project Management

Wisdom Technologies Inc continuously collaborates with various companies to understand the expertise, skills, and technologies that are latest.

Project Management is a part of our middle provider and is a end result of our knowledge of our Client’s needs. We perceive which configuration of our offerings will reap our client’s required outcome. We then offer answers to reap those objectives, whilst additionally including fee and finishing initiatives inside budget.

Our Project Management Processes are advanced primarily based totally o PMI tips and is one of the exceptional within side the industry. The complete Project Management is sectioned into the subsequent components, to optimize system performance.

Building a Team and Encouraging Communication

Based on your project requirement, the size of the team and roles to be performed may differ. Irrespective of team size, it’s essential to analyze how team will communicate and cooperate with each other.

This approach includes discussing upfront:

  • Planned/ regular meetings
  • How formal the meetings will be held
  • Whether meetings will be held in-person, virtually or both
  • How the team will share and collaborate on documents
  • Where documents will be stored and how they will be version controlled
  • Workflow for decisions and approval

Project Phases, Life Cycles, and Incorporating User-Centered Design Principles
Projects are usually broken down into several distinct phases. Every single phase plans the work that needs to be completed and who is getting involved. Typically, in order to acknowledge the phase to be complete, particular deliverables need to have been finalized and handed off. Certain project teams, however, do prefer to implement fast pace, which is when phases are overlapped.

A lifecycle describes the starting and ending of the project; it denotes all of the phases together. While outlining the project’s life cycle, the initial phase is treated as Step 0. It is generally the initial visioning and conceptualizing before going through the detailed design of the project. As per Project Management Institute, nearly all life cycles have four or five stages but some may have more.

The most common lifecycle approaches / methodologies are Waterfall and Agile. Irrespective of the approach you decide on, you will have to integrate user-centered design (UCD) and the related best practices and methodologies. Generally, the UCD process includes: Analysis, Design, Implementation and deployment.

Creating a Schedule

Schedules are critical part of project management as they help you measure progress as the project continues to move forward. It also helps the team members to aware of their duties, the deliverables expected, and the agenda every person needs to follow to complete the project on time / within budget.

Approaches & Methodologies

Waterfall | Agile | Scrum


Agile methodologies take an iterative technique to software program development. Unlike a sincere linear Waterfall model, Agile initiatives include some of smaller cycles – Sprints. Each certainly considered one among them is an undertaking in miniature: it has a backlog and includes design, implementation, testing, and deployment ranges inside the pre-described scope of work.

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